Well, today ended up being a little more productive than I thought at first. While I was at a funeral earning a little bit of money I decided to send an email my Department Head about the lack of contact I’ve had with my adviser. Luckily he quickly responded with the information I needed to get registered for next semester. So after getting that done I started looking at a couple of other things. I ended up being able to fill out my paperwork for Federal Tuition Assistance (thanks National Guard) and I also filled out my FAFSA. So I’ve got my fingers crossed now that the FTA comes in without a fight (about a 50/50 chance there) and that maybe I get some grant money. I’m not counting on the grant money but would really like it.

Was an interesting evening in the end. As far as everything goes even close to according to plan I will be graduating from college in May. About damn time.

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