This internet thing…

I’ve spent the better part of today working on this site. Various aspects of course. Right now I have a solution for the mobile browser, but not one I’m happy with. So that’s kept me busy. Then I decided that I wanted to incorporate my logo and a custom header (rather than this fill-in-the-blank theme) and there’s a lot of time spent there also. What you see up there at the moment is the product of the options built straight into WordPress. Luckily I know how to use this little thing called Photoshop, so I’ll be working on a new one here in a bit. Which reminds me that I told a friend I’d work on one for him.

That being said, life has been interesting recently. There are no words for it other than interesting. Let me see, I’m working on getting my videos posted to Vimeo so I can then embed them here. I have many of them posted on Youtube and will embed some of those here, but I prefer Vimeo for most of them.

I did find a sneak peek at the new Pirates movie

more beer

I love trying new beer.

I have this place right up the street called the “House of Brews” and they have the biggest selection of beer out of everywhere I’ve been. I was making chili today and I always add a Stout beer to it. I found this one and just couldn’t help but to buy it. As I type this the chili is simmering and thickening up. Hopefully everything will taste good.

Anyways, time for me to head off . Thanks for reading my pointless post.

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  1. Audra says:

    I have this same picture somewhere on my blog! This stout is good, but they make an ale called Porkslap that is funny but gross.

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