So it’s been over a month since my last update. My bad. Nothing terribly exciting has happened really. I went to New York City and got to see a taping of the Jimmy Fallon show which was pretty cool. On the same trip we stopped in New Jersey and had some fun there also. I had the opportunity to photograph/film a wedding anniversary and that was pretty fun. I was also put on orders for doing funerals with the Guard. That’s nice because it pays a little better than just getting paid per day, but it’s no career.

I spent a week in Smyrna for my Annual Training with the 129th Army Band. That was an adventure, I don’t feel like we really accomplished much but those of us staying in the barracks made the most of it. We played a lot of ultimate frisbee and consumed numerous adult beverages, so no complaints there.

I’m still looking for real job and have thrown my resume to a few places. Feel free to cross your fingers, pray, do a dance, whatever you want to help me out. Really, I’d like to move to a new town with a new job, but we’ll just see.

And finally, yesterday I celebrated a birthday. I’m not going to say which one but I promise I’m older then you think.

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