Another Day

So here I am, still working on editing some video. Things are up and running smoothly on the new computer. I’ve made a few small changes to site, hopefully making it look better and maybe even a bit more professional (though who am I kidding?) Since I’m making very very little money making videos for people, I’m still applying for various jobs around middle Tennessee. Though most people seem to not want to hire me (by most, I mean everybody) Anyways, wish me luck.

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Almost a disaster

So, this past week my computer decided that it no longer liked Windows. Long story short, it didn’t matter what I did to try to fix it Windows would not load. Luckily I keep a copy of Linux on a DVD laying around for when problems like this pop up. This meant I was able to get onto my laptop and copy everything over to this external hard drive I bought not too long ago (funny how that works out) Now I could’ve just reinstalled Windows and called it a day, but where’s the fun in that? I’ve been meaning to get a desktop that has more processing power and whatnot than my laptop so video editing would be a little easier. I got extremely lucky and Best Buy had a great deal on a Gateway desktop with an Intel i5, 8gb RAM, and 1TB hard drive. So I’ve got this guy up and running now and definitely can’t complain. As for the laptop, it’s going to get a fresh install of Linux and will be used for browsing the internet. Of course this means I’ve finally upgraded to Windows 7 also.

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So I’m working on updating my Photography page and have been messing around different ways to display my photos. I like to keep it Flash based or java, because loading a whole new html page just to see the next 6 or so photos is just stupid. Anyways, one potential solution I have found looks like this:

It’s cool because it utilizes my Picasaweb which makes it SUPER easy to manage the album, but to view it you have go to full screen. There are other options, but I just haven’t found one that has everything I want. Eventually I will.

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Timelapse what?

Here is a short little timelapse I made with my fisheye lens. Kind of experimental to see if I could get the timing down, but mostly just for fun. Enjoy!

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Another short video

So I helped my sister make a video for her class project and figured I’d share the results here. Enjoy!

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Carter-Kerr Wedding

Congratulations to Emily and Jacob on their wedding this past Friday. Check out a short video from the event.

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Wedding and stuff

Well this past Friday I filmed a wedding in Clarksville. Was certainly an experience to be there all day. I’m working on going through the footage and will hopefully have a short video online soon. One thing is for sure, weddings are no joke. Beyond that, life has been pretty mundane.

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New Video

Hey, check out this new video I made recently. It’s from a project that my sister took on as part of her Girl Scout Gold Award. For the most part I threw it together pretty quickly so she could share it with her friends and the group that she worked with.

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What just happened?

Well it’s been a little over a month since my last update and for no reason other than the fact that I was busy. For the month of September I was doing Military Funeral Honors every, single, day. Needless to say, that actually takes up a lot of time. Right now though I am looking for a real grown-up job. Hopefully I’ll find something soon, I’ve been sending my resume to all kinds of places. I’m also slowly expanding my search to outside of Tennessee, figure at this point it would be fun to move somewhere new and start over.

That is all for now, I’ll be back soon.

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Real quick

A lot of changes have been going on in my life currently, so for all two of you who read this that means nothing. That being said, I’m pretty sure I’m going to have a lot more free time on my hands and I’m thinking about creating a web comic. I’m not going to get into details just yet but I think I have a good idea.

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