Spring? Break? Huh?

Well, tomorrow I go back to college after my final spring break. It’s the figurative home stretch the way I see it. There are still a couple of things to take care to finalize my graduation but it is going to happen so I’m not worried. What I’m going to do after graduation is a whole different story.

I’m of course going to look for a job, but even that is tricky. I’d love to get a job actually using my degree, such as working at a tv station or something. The truth is that I’ll have to take whatever I can find. I’m also hoping to be able to buy some equipment so I can actually be hired as a film company, create music videos, wedding videos, etc for local people. Down side is that will require atleast $1000 to obtain even some basic equipment. I’d like to get a Canon T2i or T3i to film with because I personally believe that DSLR video is the way to go. I have found a cool kinda cheap kit on ebay for a USB microphone with stand, shock mount, etc that I’d love to have for doing any voice work.

Last but not least, I’m hoping to get a couple of fun trips in this summer after graduation. First off I’m planning on going to New York with my good friend CJ. We plan on seeing the Jimmy Fallon show and Times Square, beyond that we don’t know. I also have this urge to try to hike a small portion of the Appalachian trail at some point during the summer. I figure I’ll try to do a week, 4-6 days.  Anybody interested in joining?

This growing up thing was a bad idea.

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  1. Growing up isn’t so bad. The key is to position your life so you don’t have to technically “grow up”. You get older, you just get more toys.

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